"Pain is neither represented as emotional or physical but both at the same time. Whether hurtful and unpleasant or sexual and erotic, the images presented leave room for interpretation on how pain is perceived, enjoyed or dismissed. This leaves one to question if this journey is one of memories, erotic fantasies or simply a cathartic healing experience.

Two sexual encounters interwoven and combined into one--a search for love or random hookup? A piece of something special, something lost, something found for the first time?

The representation of a healing ceremony in this piece suggests the notion that healing needs to take place in order to move forward. Healing with snails has been a practice used for centuries. Ingested or placed on the skin, the mucus often heals wounds with no scars. More emotional than physical, the healing is a representation that embodies clarity and direction.

Pain, love and healing are the central driving force behind this piece. The story itself is not particular to Tennessee, but is supported by the elements shot within the state." - Jordan



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