"After reviewing the footage and actually learning how grand and beautiful New Mexico is, it touched me in a very surreal way. I wanted to tell a story, a story of Colby or anyone discovering this beautiful state and along the way having some fun. Sex between two men can be sensual, sexy and beautiful. The story presented could be Colby with anyone, hence the out of focus images. Sex with intimacy could be more fun and fulfilling than just the act of sex and at times during those precious moments, we connect on different levels with the other person. This could be someone we just met or someone we've known for years. Being Intimate is beyond our control. Intimacy comes when the mind is set free to enjoy the present moment, letting go of inhibitions and traits that society has inflicted on us. More than pornography, I saw the footage as a liberation of sex between men." - Hugo Horta

Hugo Horta

Benno Bonhomme


Pictures from the Road

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