"I was assigned Massachusetts and given complete creative freedom, which I really appreciated.

This is a four-way featuring Colby, a couple called Bill and Tom, and a friend of theirs, Alek. I wanted to understand as much as possible about my subjects, so I listened carefully to their unselfconscious chit chat during breaks in the action. I studied Bill and Tom's pad for interesting visuals, things that caught my eye, like the Obama Change poster, the Henri Cartier-Bresson coffee table book and the map of the Iberian Peninsula on the back wall. I also did some online sleuthing and learned that the couple has been married since last summer and that Bill is a talented singer/songwriter who plays a number of instruments.

I didn't want to edit the video as porn, per se. Instead, I spent some time living with the material to see what shape it suggested. One day, I had a brainstorm. I remembered an old song with some unintentionally hilarious lyrics. Everything came together when I realized this handsome married couple was representing the first state to recognize same-sex marriage. It only helps that as I write this, the Supreme Court is hearing arguments for the case that will likely pave the way for gay men and lesbians to marry in all 50 states.

Bill was kind enough to let me record a phone interview with him. I asked what he wanted to see from the footage and lip-synced his response to a shot of him standing unabashedly naked in the middle of the room. To honor his desire for something "lighthearted" that feels like a "fun, positive experience" I cut in a variety of shots of men dancing, proposing to one another, getting married and otherwise celebrating their love and friendship. Enjoy!"

Those Wedding Bells Are Breaking Up That Old Gang of Mine

Not a soul down on the corner
That's a pretty certain sign
That wedding bells are breaking up that old gang of mine
All the boys are singing love songs
They forgot "Sweet Adeline"
Those wedding bells are breaking up that old gang of mine
There goes Jack, there goes Jim
Down to lover's lane
Now and then we meet again
But they don't seem the same
Gee, I get a lonesome feeling
When I hear the church bells chime
Those wedding bells are breaking up that old gang of mine

- Matthew Meanswell


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