Part 1

"Inspired by footage from Colby's visit to Kentucky Horse Park, I wondered, what if Colby had recorded, by accident, a sex tape over a VHS tape containing an old-school horse mounting tutorial video?" - Sajoão

Part 2

"I wanted to break the limits imposed by the cut, in order to allow shots to penetrate each other and make the video more fluid and organic, like sex itself." - Sajoão

"Music can easily be the worst enemy of pornography. This created a fun and exciting challenge. It had to be compatible, not just background music. I needed to unify the audio with the visual for it to be a logical addition to the piece.

To do this, I recorded the song and added all of the effects in real time while viewing the video. Everything was made with one incredible synthesizer called the OP-1. My signature sound is heavily influenced by classic video games, so I made a track that was directly in response to the video's glitches. Please enjoy." - The Holographic Sticker Club


The Holographic Sticker Club

Part 3

"I never planned on editing artistic erotica, yet here I am." - Josue Garcia

Josue Garcia


Pictures from the Road

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