'Yes I've been abused/ wrongly accused now...'

In the end it was the Bob Marley track 'Duppy Conqueror' that provided the film's lynchpin. You can the hear the track playing in the car as Colby and his companion visit various sites around Topeka - Monroe Elementary School, which is historically associated with the famous Brown v Board case, and the now infamous Westboro Baptist Church with its signs and placards declaring the doom of the nation. It's these sites that point to the contemporary and historical forces of bigotry and oppression at work in Kansas both now and in the past, and which in many ways make the state a microcosm of the nation. Working only with the footage provided we adopted a largely documentary approach. At the point where the film begins break down it perhaps starts to become clear that even though the nation is haunted by ghosts there are acts of rebellion and personal expression by which those ghosts can be conquered.

Brian and Karl


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