I tried to highlight the interactions that the guys have in addition to the sexual encounter. They seem to immediately establish a rapport and make a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

By enjoying each other both sexually and personally they give the scene the quality of an "ideal hookup" of sorts.

César Augusto Cotta


"Bucolic Midwestern landscape tropes - cornfields rushing by and wide, blue sky overhead - bookend the hardcore scene that comprises the meat of Flyover Country (Colby Does Illinois). What's worth doing/seeing in Illinois? Raw, backyard sex between husbands being filmed by Colby Keller, as it turns out.

The spell is cast as they appear, frotting in some sort of enchanted grotto with a pearly, purple aura. The sound of planes overhead distorts our perception of this locale as Edenesque, anchoring it in nitty-gritty reality: the viewer could conceivably gain access to this space by way of an airline ticket.

When a second layer of fantasy is disrupted by Colby's direction that the couple can "feel free to make noise," the viewer is compelled to wonder if the note is indicative of Colby's preference as a voyeur himself or his perception of his audience's preferences. (How much of his audience's preferences are shaped by his, anyway?)

In this way, Flyover Country becomes a meditation on the impossibility of any kind of sex without intrusions, interruptions, voyeurism, and directorial points of view: it's all performative, it's all contextualized by time and place, it's all a look up at big, billowy clouds above the highway while the voice on the radio discusses the attack on Ft. Hood."

KARL SAINT LUCY is a composer, countertenor, and singer-songwriter based in New York City.

Karl Saint Lucy


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