"Within my own practice, I'm really interested in the idea of interruptions and what that does in terms of continuity and narrative. I'm especially interested in what happens when the human body is interrupted, and what one reads through the blocking or erasing of a bodily image.

I was given the opportunity of editing Colby's adventures through Idaho, which I'll admit not knowing much about. I took inspiration from my only link to the state, which was Gus Van Sant's My Own Private Idaho, most specifically the falling house scene in which a shot of a house falling into an empty road from the sky becomes a symbolic gesture (and interruption) to an orgasm. With this in mind, I looked to create a video that was experimental but also somewhat whimsical that captured the carefree spirit of Colby's trip through Idaho, while still trying to include my own aesthetic touches on the film itself." - Angel Alvarado

Angel Alvarado

Benno Bonhomme


Pictures from the Road

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