"When Colby asked me to be part of this project, I had a lot of questions for him and for myself. Colby is someone I know both personally, and as an image of erotic fantasy. To watch a porn video is to, in some way, interject your own body into the video. Most of us are happy to relegate our presence in the porn we watch to the realm of the imaginary. This was an opportunity to explore my relationship with Colby as both a person and erotic image, and my newfound position as both erotic image and myself. Additionally, within this hairball of a question, I had to represent Connecticut somehow. Colby and I are both artists, so a trip to the Yale Art Gallery seemed to be the natural source material to start with. All the images are iPhone photos taken by Colby and myself of things we thought were interesting, compelling, or funny. The scene we shot was circular, without a clear beginning or end, like the lovers on the Greek Vase. The slideshow format is an homage to the eternal "butt-o-vision" videos on view on the back monitors at Partners Bar in New Haven. The result is a kind of texture, fragmented and contiguous at the same time. There is no climax, no cumshot, no banter or preamble. They are personal images examining a form that can be very impersonal. I'm still trying to get a sense of it." - Saul Klee

Saul Klee


Pictures from the Road

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