"This piece is about sexual fantasies and how we look at the past, present and future. I've always been interested in how we view memories and events that haven't happened yet in a similar way and how the distortion of a memory is similar to the distorted perception of the future. This idea was inspired by the act in which people spend their whole lives focusing on whats coming next or what hasn't happened yet. They never stop chasing something, instead of being present. The same goes for getting stuck in the past and feeling like nothing will ever be as good as it once was.

The first sexual fantasy is his honest sexual desires that come to him in solitude. He is walking alone and is feeling horny. He is fantasizing while masterbating. The scenes in the bath house are how he sees his fantasy, and what gets him off.

The second one is something that he's hoping will happen in the near future with someone he's in love with. He's lonely and he imagines the perfect lover and how he makes him feel safe.

The third is a memory that has fermented in his mind into the most amazing sex he ever had. He misses it harshly, but he really only misses the memory that he created.

The debate between what is good for you sexually, is a question without an answer. In modern time people have complete sex lives without ever touching another person. So much of sexuality today is of falsehood in the way sex is portrayed. Leaving every one searching for something that they will never find. Which casts a shadow on the amazing things they have already experienced because they expect more.

The false portrayal of sex in modern day reminds me of the fermentation of memories. We reminisce and twist them into a hazy movie scene that is perfect. It's amazing, but if it leads you to try to find that experience again you're left empty-handed and letdown.

When I say fermentation of memories I'm talking about how with time in-between an experience and where you are, you lose little bits of clarity and most likely are leaving behind parts that you didn't care about, leaving it fuzzy. But when you try to clear it up in your conscience state of mind it gets filled with falsities, and becomes something different. A fermentation of memories."

Noah Van Court


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